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A Welcome Note


Welcome to our new blog, “Insights into MS!” As the leading MS health provider in the western United States, Rocky Mountain MS Research Group recognized the need to produce reliable information our patients and their loved ones; thus, this blog was born!

Each year our skilled clinicians serve nearly 2,000 patients in the Intermountain West. These patients are not different than any other person living with MS—they are all interested in how to live their life to the fullest. So, the goal of this blog is to do just that.

Our fantastic team is led by Dr. John Foley—a dedicated physician with many years of experience in clinical MS care and MS research. He and his team of MDs, PhDs, bioengineers and nursing professionals will bring you information from around the globe to help you or your loved ones deal with MS in the best way possible.  We aim to bring you actionable information that will help you live better with MS.

This blog will cover various MS topics, scientific advances and information from other fields which may positively impact your quality of life. So sit back, relax, read and enjoy! You have nothing to gain except great (and free!) information!