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The Potential Benefits of Vitamin D

  Research was recently presented at the 5th Cooperative Meeting of the Consortium of MS centers (CMSC) and the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in MS (ACTRIMS), which suggests vitamin D can potentially benefit multiple sclerosis patients who are currently receiving therapy. Genes associated with increased vitamin D levels, as well as interferon b-1b, are associated with a decrease in gadolinium-enhancing lesions (Gd+, a type of lesion commonly found in MS patients). A clinical trial known as the BENEFIT* study, examined the safety and effectiveness of early interferon b-1b treatment in patients at risk for developing MS. During this study, researchers also examined patients’ vitamin D levels to determine if it effected lesion development. Patients enrolled in the study had experienced a clinically significant event, which was suggestive of MS. Patients were randomly assigned to receive 250 mg interferon b-1b or a placebo subcutaneously (by injection) every other day for a period of two years. Researchers were hoping that early treatment of interferon b-1b would reduce the risk...

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