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Taming the MS Attack

  Do you know someone with asthma? If you’ve ever watched someone have an asthma attack, you know just how scary it can be to watch them gasp for breath. And, anytime someone is gasping for breath you know the first place you should head is the ER. MS attacks should be treated no different. They are true medical emergencies. Attacks may happen in many different ways and symptoms can range from loss of vision in one eye to weakness on one side of the body.  These attacks require prompt treatment because more severe attacks can result in permanent worsening in disability levels. Studies have suggested that prompt treatment with steroid medication can reduce the durations of intensity of the attack and can most likely reduce the permanent disability following the attack.  An attack is generally treated with the steroid called Solumedrol and is administered through an IV.  The usual dosage is 1000 mg daily for 1-5 days.  It is generally recommended to give over 1.5 to 2 hours...

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