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Mobility Aids and Your Quality of Life

Mobility aids and assistive devices can improve your quality of life and allow you to accomplish tasks more independently.  These devices range from smaller tools, such as adaptive toothbrushes and cutlery, to larger equipment, such as scooters and electric wheelchairs.  When you decide to use one of these implements, you may want to consider that not only can they make your day easier, but safer too.   Assistive devices help you conserve energy, an important consideration when living with MS, and, in the case of mobility aids, an assistive device may even help prevent potential falls. Your physician may refer you to an occupational therapist, physical therapist, physiatrist or speech/language pathologist to evaluate your needs and to prescribe you an assistive device.  You can decide which tools are best for you.  Depending on your needs, we have included a list of devices below that you may want to consider.   Tools for everyday living Writing and Reading              Special grips enable you to hold a pen or drawing implement comfortably and...

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A New Perspective on Mobility Aids

  Back in 1987 cell phones had just hit the market and were spreading like wildfire. People were rushing to purchase the new tool that was sure to make their life easier. Now, 26 years later, the cell phone has evolved to be a tool that many of us consider a necessity. Smart phones can assist us with everything from finding a local restaurant to managing your bank account. In more ways than one, cell phones have become an assistive device relied on by a large portion of the population. Much like the cell phone, there are many other assistive devices that can make life so much easier! The National Multiple Sclerosis Society suggests that devices that help with everyday living tasks create a more fulfilling and happy life. Bathing and Showering Tub and wall grab bars can help persons with MS get in and out of the bathtub safely and help keep their balance while showering. Grooming and Dressing Button and zipper hooks can be used to fasten...

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