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National Parks Access Pass—A Very Good Thing!

  Did you know that Utah is considered America’s national parks capital? Yes, indeed! In fact, Utah is home to 5 national parks each with their own amazing beauty. From the majestic arches in Arches National Park to the plateaus of Canyonlands National Park, there are truly wonderful sites to be seen at each and every one of Utah’s parks. The best news, however, is that as a U.S. citizen or permanent resident living with MS, you are able to get a free National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Access Pass! That’s right, 100% free! Known as the “Access Pass,” this pass is a free, lifetime pass available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents that have a permanent disability.  Regardless of your age, you have the ability to request the Access Pass and visit over 2000 Federal recreation sites across the nation, including National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and many National Forest Lands. To obtain a pass you must have verify your citizenship or permanent residency and provide documentation...

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